Body Image

I’ve decided to start a page with my bump photos (up top). So far, there’s really no bump, just a bit of a pooch and some extra thickness through the middle. I am definitely not complaining, but I am excited to get a real bump. I have been the same weight for about 10 years, so experiencing my body changing has been an interesting adjustment for me. For the first time, I am buying clothes to fit a different shape and adjusting my exercise routine.

The other day, Andino and I were in a maternity/baby consignment shop looking for some good deals. Andino spotted a box with a girdle. The box said something about shrinking your hips for use post-baby. His reaction? “Shrink your hips? Why would you want to do that?!” Needless to say, Andino has been complimenting the thicker version of Gypsy Mama almost every day which makes me feel so much more confident about my changing shape. I love this man…

I picked up a pair of maternity jeans and they are SO comfortable. I still wear my non-maternity pants regularly, but they are starting to get a bit tight. I bought a bella band and it’s great! I still plan to buy a few more pairs of maternity pants/jeans when I get bigger, but for now it has been great to still be able to wear my normal clothes comfortably with the button undone and the band over top. I haven’t purchased any maternity tops yet, I’ve just been wearing my regular tops, favouring the loosest ones. I don’t want to go overboard buying maternity clothes since I won’t get as much use out of them as my regular clothes. I’m holding off on getting much until it’s necessary.

I’ve been doing prenatal exercise from the very beginning of this pregnancy. Since entering the second trimester I started to incorporate the treadmill again. I am not jogging, but walking at a medium pace on the highest incline. It feels good to be physically active and everything I’ve read about exercise during pregnancy says it’s a good thing. I have been considering signing up for some prenatal yoga, but I’m not convinced it’s for me. I haven’t decided yet though, because I have heard nothing but great reviews about prenatal yoga so I might want to give it a try.

As for my diet, the dreaded heartburn has kicked in. I went for lunch yesterday with two of my colleagues to get shwarma at a local Lebanese restaurant. My favourite food EVER. I polished off the garlic sauce that came with it, and I was regretting it for the rest of the night. 4 tums later and I was still not feeling well. I didn’t want to eat supper but I forced down a chicken caesar salad with garlic toast and some fruit and yogurt for dessert. I’ve had heartburn (if I eat something that triggers it) for about a week now, so I’m assuming it’s here to stay for the duration of the pregnancy. Now I am going to have to avoid some of my favourite foods due to heartburn! According to Baby Centre, these are the most common foods that cause heartburn: chocolate; acidic foods like citrus fruits and juices, tomatoes, mustard, and vinegar; processed meats; mint products; and spicy, highly seasoned, fried, or fatty foods. Who doesn’t love spicy, highly seasoned fatty foods with chocolate for dessert?!

With the onset of pregnancy signs and symptoms it is starting to feel more real that I am actually going to have a baby in 6 months. Not that it didn’t feel real before, but it wasn’t on my mind as much as it is now because I basically looked and felt the same. As uncomfortable as heartburn and too-tight pants are, I am so happy to be progressing in my pregnancy.