The Evil Eye

I’m sure you have heard of the evil eye, or mal de ojo as it is called in Spanish. Many different cultures around the world believe in the evil eye and although the causes & cures vary somewhat, one thing is quite common among all of the superstitions – pregnant women and newborn babies are most susceptible to its effects. 

My closest friend in Mozambique was pregnant while I was there. (She was due a month or so after I left and we’ve not been able to keep in touch due to the fact that there was hardly any access to internet in the village.) She always told me that a pregnant woman should try to be nice to everyone. One should avoid getting into arguments or boasting while pregnant, for fear of the evil eye. She believes (and I believe) that envy and negative feelings are not healthy during pregnancy.

I really believe that negative emotions can have an effect on things. Just look at this experiment on water:

So, I am trying my best to be humble and kind these days. Not that I ever tried to be cranky before, but I guess it is on my mind more now!

So what about you? Are you superstitious?