Is a Diaper Bag Really Necessary?

According to my baby bump app, I have 84 days until my due date. Is it just me or does 84 days sound like a short amount of time? And that’s if I go all the way to 40 weeks but we all know that babies are unpredictable so who knows when her birthday will be? I feel like there is still a lot of preparation to do before she arrives. We have a crib, a mattress and crib sheets (all eco-friendly might I add!) so at least she has somewhere to sleep. We still need to pick up a few more items to finish off the nursery but we are getting there. Andino has asked me to make a list of what we still need. Andino loves lists. He gets a lot of satisfaction from crossing items off. Almost as much satisfaction as he gets from paying bills. (Who enjoys paying bills? really…)

So this morning I consulted my favourite baby websites to get an idea of what we really need in order to make my list. I’m not a minimalist (and if you ask Andino he’d tell you I’m far from it) but I don’t want to fall into the trap of buying all the baby products on the market. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Stroller – We have a jogging/all-terrain stroller, but this morning I found a maxi cosi foray stroller exactly like the one pictured below for an awesome deal second hand. I’m wondering if it would be worthwhile to have a compact little stroller that I can pop the car seat into. Also, we are planning to travel with baby back home to the Maritimes and also to Mexico (woo-hoo!) so a compact little stroller might come in handy for travel too.

  • Car Seat – We don’t have one yet. I’ve been reminded by various people that we aren’t allowed to leave the hospital without one so I suppose this should be our next purchase. If I decide to go with the maxi cosi stroller (if it hasn’t already sold!) I’ll need a maxi cosi car seat to fit it.
  • Baby Carriers – If you know me in real life or have been reading here for a while, you’ll know that I have been daydreaming of babywearing for years. It’s probably the thing that I am most excited to do once baby arrives and I want every single hippie-style baby carrier on the market. I haven’t purchased any yet (but Andino got a snuggli with a skull & cross bones on it – he’s so awesome!) Since I can’t afford to buy 5 or 6 baby carriers, I signed up for a babywearing class on March 19th to help make my decision as to which one to buy. As for now, these are my two favourites (in my favourite designs):
  • Maya Wrap
  • Bali Breeze Wrap
  • Diapers – It probably won’t come as a big surprise that we are going to use cloth diapers. We have some already but still need to purchase more. We have 10 applecheeks diapers (5 in each size) and 5 bumgenius one-size. I love applecheeks because they are made in Canada and I like their envelope style pocket that allows the liner to agitate out in the wash. Plus, their 2 size system (as opposed to the bumgenius one-size that grows with the baby) will fit newborns better. More applecheeks are definitely on my list!
  • Feeding – I plan to breast feed baby. Do I still need to buy bottles and/or a breast pump? I was planning to see how it goes before investing in any supplies. For those of you who have been there, what’s your take on this?
  • Clothing –  I think we are covered in the clothing department. My sister in law is sending me a ton of clothes, plus I have already been given lots by friends and family.
  • Bathing – My mother-in-law gave us a baby bath. You know the mesh kind that goes inside your tub? It’s a pain to set up and take down though. What I really want is the Boon Bathtub. My friend has one and it seems really convenient. You only have to fill the baby tub with water (instead of your entire tub if I were to use the mesh one) and the best part is that it collapses and can be hung inside your shower. Major convenience factor right there…
  • This and That – Do I really need a diaper bag? I have a million purses in all different sizes, how is a diaper bag that much different than a purse? What items am I missing that are must-haves and what can I do without?

The Three Rs

I’m home in the Maritimes for a couple weeks to visit my family. While I am here, Mom and I are getting some baby shopping done. We picked up bibs, receiving blankets, crib sheets, swaddle blankets and a few outfits. And of course Mom gave me some baby gifts. She wrapped them and used my old doll’s bassinet to present them:


Up until a few weeks ago, Andino and I hadn’t done much to prepare for baby girl’s arrival, but now that I’m (almost) 25 weeks, we’ve decided to start buying things. Our first big purchase was a crib, mattress and changing table from Sears online and they should be arriving early this week. While I’m away, hubby and his brother are working hard to paint baby’s room (and our bedroom and the hallway). They are putting in crown moulding and installing new lighting and window treatment. I’m sure it’s going to look great when I get back! I am so lucky that hubby has a great sense of style when it comes to these things, because I definitely don’t!

We had been looking into strollers for a long time, but we hadn’t found one that we both agreed on and was within our budget. I really wanted a BOB stroller because they are consistently rated as one of the best for all-terrain. A brand new BOB sells for $480 + tax and we were hoping to stay at or under the $400 mark so we kept looking. I’ve been checking kijiji regularly to see if I can find some good deals on baby stuff. I LOVE a good deal. Did I ever mention that I bought my wedding dress second hand? I knew I wanted a lace gown but lace is expensive and I didn’t want to pay $2000 for something I’d only wear once. We found my dress second hand for $500 and it was perfect. Anyway, back to the stroller. I found a good deal on a second hand BOB stroller here in N.S. so I bought it and I’m bringing it back to the prairies with me.



(After taking these photos we scrubbed the stroller and now it’s clean & fresh) Even though we can afford all brand new baby gear, doesn’t mean we are obligated to spend an arm and a leg on stuff. As we all know, babies grow so fast they outgrow things before they are even broken in! Plus, I’m an environmentalist, so I’m all about the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). I’m not buying EVERYTHING for baby second hand, but whenever I can I will.

I’ll be home in the Maritimes for another 9 days and I’m sure hubby will notice I’ve gotten bigger when I get back. After 20 weeks, my bump really started to grow quickly! Here I am this morning at 24 weeks & 5 days:


When I get back from vacation, I only have 12 weeks of work left before I start my Maternity leave. Actually, I’m taking 2 weeks vacation time first and starting my Mat leave June 1. Things are moving so fast now and baby girl will be here before we know it!