Breakfast for Supper

I know most of my posts (all of my posts?) have been about my pregnancy lately, but there is really not much to say on that front right now. I want this blog to be about whatever is going on with my family that I feel like writing about and today, I feel like talking recipes.

Breakfast for supper. That’s what I’m loving right now.

A few months ago, we had a good routine of nightly meals. We did Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, Wednesday didn’t have a schedule, Seafood on Thursday and Pizza on Friday. It was good because I could prepare ahead of time and there was only one day of the week where I had to come up with something original. It might sound boring to have such a routine, but I can assure you there are plenty of different recipes to try within this frame. We had shrimp tacos, potato & chorizo tacos, vegetarian tacos, shredded beef tacos, chicken tacos… enchiladas, tostadas… I actually found some really great recipes this way!

But lately, we’ve gotten out of our supper schedule and we want to get back into it. We even came up with the best idea for supper on Wednesdays – BREAKFAST. I know this is probably already a thing for some people, but we never did it and I thought it was a genius idea. You see, Andino’s band jams at our place every Wednesday and they start showing up at around 6:30 pm. It doesn’t leave me much time after work to get supper going so it has to be something I can whip up quickly. Andino recently bought me a big new electric skillet and we decided to try it out this past Wednesday for supper. We had pancakes, sausages, eggs over-easy and fruit salad. It was so yummy that we decided we should make it a weekly thing. One of my favourite meals in Mexico is breakfast – fried bananas, refried beans, queso fresco, warm tortillas… I can’t wait to try my hand at making some Mexican breakfasts… for supper.

I love finding new recipes that are delicious and adding them to my repertoire. I hope that by getting back into my supper schedule I can find lots of new delicious recipes and of course save time trying to decide what to make! Do you have any delicioso breakfast recipes/ideas that you are willing to share?