Round Ligament Pain

The other night I was writing in my baby book, and thinking about how lucky I am that the pregnancy has been going so smoothly. No morning sickness and hardly any symptoms to speak of. I’ve had the odd night of heartburn here and there and I was quite tired in the very early weeks, but overall it’s been smooth sailing.

Starting on Sunday, I started to feel some dull aching in my lower abdomen, alternating between the right & left side (sometimes both at once). It was a very mild ache, certainly not enough to scare me. I was in the middle of making cinnamon scones and I wasn’t concerned enough to stop. (they were delicious! I will post the recipe at the bottom). I told Andino about it and he wasn’t very concerned either. He said it was inevitable that I would feel something eventually as my uterus expands. The aching continued for a few hours, and I started getting concerned. Andino asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital but I said no because I didn’t want to overreact (or spend my Sunday evening in emergency!). Eventually the aching stopped, but it has returned on and off since then. Never more than a mild discomfort, but enough that I decided to mention it to the public health nurse who works out of our office on Thursdays. She recommended I call my Doctor and ask her opinion. The nurse’s reaction surprised me because I was expecting her to tell me not to worry, that aching is common in pregnancy. After lunch I called my Doctor’s office just for peace of mind. As I was speaking with the receptionist my Doctor walked by, saw my name on the screen and took the call immediately. She told me not to worry, and that at this stage of pregnancy the aching is most likely from the uterus stretching as it moves outside my abdominal cavity. She is usually quite cautious, so hearing her say this made me feel much better.

I thought it was so nice of her to take my call like that. There were times during my appointments with Dr.H that I wasn’t extremely fond of her. I guess by the time we met, I was so tired of all the poking, prodding & failed treatments that I was not the perky optimist I was at the beginning of this journey 2 years ago. I was beginning to think that I suffered from unexplained infertility and wished that she would treat me more aggressively. (Specifically, I wanted something for my lining which never got above 7mm). Dr. H kept assuring me that we had great chances and that 7mm is not too thin to achieve pregnancy. I guess she was right because we had success on our first treatment at our province’s fertility clinic. (We also had one IUI performed at the local hospital, but Andino and I are quite skeptical of the nurse’s methods there). As a matter of fact, we were Dr. H’s first patients that she sent to the fertility clinic located in a different city. She told us at our 8 week appointment that she is no longer offering IUIs locally, in favour of sending all her patients to the fertility clinic. She thanked us for being her test patients and for all our feedback of the two experiences.

We have an ultrasound next Wednesday, and I am so excited for it. Everyone tells me to stop worrying now that I’ve passed the 12 week mark, but I haven’t seen the heartbeat since 8 weeks so this final confirmation that everything is going well will be wonderful. I haven’t been overly worried though. I’ve been trying to have faith in my body & intuition that everything is okay. Andino and I are even going to start purchasing things for baby soon! But that is for another post. For now, I will leave you with the recipe for cinnamon scones and a recommendation that you all enjoy them with a cup of tea, milk or hot chocolate 🙂

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