34 weeks

Andino and I went on a tour of the labour & delivery unit of the hospital on Monday. It was offered by the lady who does our prenatal classes and I am so glad we went. I’ve been to the Mother & Baby unit of our hospital back home (when a close friend had her baby) but I had no idea what to expect from the hospital where we live now. I was happy to know that I’ll have a private room with a full bath tub during labour and also for recovery. I was also happy to know that the hospital has squatting bars that attach to the bed because I definitely plan to try that position for pushing. Now that I am not wondering what facilities are available, I am able to relax a little more when anticipating the day I go into labour. But that day is most likely still 5-6 weeks away. I’ll be full term in 2 and a half weeks but I have a feeling baby girl will be sticking around for the long haul.

At my last midwife appointment, baby girl was estimated to be at 3kgs already. My guess is that she will be around 4 kgs when she’s born. I am so happy that she is healthy and growing well, but the bigger she gets I can’t help but wonder how much it’s going to hurt when she comes out! I hope my labour & delivery goes as quickly and smoothly as my Mom’s did – her longest labour was 4 hours!

Lately, we’ve been enjoying our last few weeks together as a family of 2 (plus our dogs of course) and tying up loose ends. I still want to pick up a few more things for her nursery, but if she were to come tomorrow we would be ready. My replacement has been hired at work and I have one last report to finish before I go. My last day is May 5th and I’m not due until May 27th so I am really looking forward to a few relaxing weeks. I plan to cook a few things to freeze, but not as much as I originally thought I would because I realized I don’t really like eating meals that have been frozen. I’d way rather have rotisserie chicken and a salad than a frozen lasagne. Plus, it’s almost BBQ season which means hubby can be in charge of making a lot of meals!

Even though I am reaching the end of my pregnancy, I am still feeling quite well overall. I am running out of clothes that fit though, so I’m glad the weather is getting nice enough to wear maxi dresses. My exercise has dwindled down to once a week on the weekend, but I’m determined to keep that up. I’ve heard that going for long walks can help bring on your labour, so I plan to take the dogs for lots of long walks once I’m off work in a few weeks.

I feel like I had so many ideas of things to write about lately, but I couldn’t find the time and now I can’t remember what I wanted to say. So I’m sorry this update is boring but I hope to write some nice posts this week. Here is my bump at 34 weeks:




16 thoughts on “34 weeks

  1. I can’t believe you are 34 weeks!!! Sounds like you are ready to go! Are you going to post pics of her nursery? I love the dress you are wearing in your pic, I never wore maxi dresses before but now that I’m pregnant I feel like they are the most flattering! I’m not going to freeze any food either. B will be home for a month and he is the cook in our family so I will be well fed! He is actually adamant that he doesn’t want people to bring us meals. I’m having the same problem with my blog…all I write about is baby or pregnancy related. I feel boring and self absorbed but there is seriously nothing else I’m doing these days! I’m jealous you get a few weeks off before baby arrives…I’m planning on working until the bitter end! That’s what happens when you have no paid maternity leave 😦

    • I hope you don’t get too tired working until the bitter end! I’m glad B is going to be cooking for you and that he gets a whole month off! My husband is only planning to take a week or 2.

  2. Wow! That’s amazing, look at that little girl grow in there!
    Looking back I wish I froze a few back up meals as well.
    Koodos to you for keeping up with the exercise, it’s so easy not to do.
    Soon you’ll get to meet that little one, and I hope he delivery goes smoothly as well! 🙂

    • I don’t know what I’ll make to freeze yet – maybe some soups? And who knows how many more weeks I’ll be able to keep up with the exercising – if you even call once a week keeping up with it! haha

  3. 34 weeks? How did that happen? I feel like you just announced your pregnancy. It all goes by so fast. Just wait until she is here, then time really starts to fly!

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