Ice Cream & Leaks!

I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. Until now I’ve been cruising through my pregnancy with very little discomfort or cravings. I’ve been exercising regularly and cooking very healthy meals. Hubby even lost so much weight because of my healthy cooking he had to make a new hole in his belt this morning! Unfortunately, my health kick is over. I actually bought myself an ENTIRE ICE CREAM CAKE and I don’t even feel guilty about it! (I ate 1/4 of it over the past 4 days and put the rest in the deep freezer until my craving strikes again.) My snack drawer at work is fuller than it’s ever been. I almost always have some of my favourite treats in my purse these days so I’m never without something to snack on. The photo below isn’t me but it definitely could be.



Along with the arrival of cravings, the discomfort has also arrived. My ribs and back have been quite sore lately from all the pressure of my growing uterus. I decided to get a prenatal massage since it is covered through my extended health benefits at work, so why not? I’m cancelling my benefits while I’m on maternity leave so I don’t have much time left to take advantage of them. I booked a 45 minute massage and it was very relaxing. She had a pregnancy pillow on top of the massage table that had indentations to put your belly and your boobs in so you can lay on your stomach comfortably during the massage. Afterwards, when I got up to get dressed, I noticed that I had about a teaspoon of wetness on my bra! I leaked – and only from one side! So I guess this means the time is really getting close now.

I have less than a month left of work and 47 days until my due date. I wonder how much bigger I will get in the next 6ish weeks? Here are some photos we took recently:



27 thoughts on “Ice Cream & Leaks!

  1. Go for it eat the ice cream ! Plus 1/4 in 4 days is NOT bad !
    How very relaxing it must have been to have a massage. Did it make the baby move more ??

  2. I feel like I’ve gotten out of control with the sweets and I CANT STOP!!! Sadly I feel like its been my whole pregnancy not just recently. I need to really clean up my diet and not be so glutenous! I have been anticipating when my breasts will leak. The massage sounds amazing. I’m gonna do that really soon. You look so so good lady! You definitely look like a pregnant goddess! Your pups (and hubby) are super cute!

  3. There is a connection between pregnancy and ice cream that needs to be studied! I had tons of sweet cravings, especially for ice cream, looking back I ate WAY too much. I’d probably eat what you did in a day back then!
    By the way you look wonderful! I love horizontal stripes on pregnant ladies, it shows off the curves more.
    I always wondered if a prenatal massage would be relaxing or a bit uncomfortable, now I know.
    Congratulations on the colostrum, your body is preparing for your next journey! 🙂

    • There totally is a connection between ice cream and pregnancy… I never craved ice cream before and now I am craving it all the time.

      The massage was relaxing but it didn’t really bring me any relief from the back/rib pain. I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t covered…

  4. I love that dress! You look so beautiful! Yay to getting pampered… Leaking is weird huh? You must have been very relaxed! For me it didn’t happen until Yu was here and I was a couple of weeks in with the pumping / breastfeeding, but now I have to wear breastpads. Hoping the last stretch will go smoothly!

  5. I definitely agree with Alexia, there’s a connection with ice cream and pregnancy. I ate so many DQ Blizzards during my pregnancy (it didn’t help that it was right down the block). You look amazing mama!! Love the belly!! ❤

  6. Here I thought you were going to say you ate the whole cake in one sitting. 1/4 in 4 days is child’s play! lol You are so cute. I’m glad you have been healthy most of the time, and like you said before….as long as you’re getting in the veggies too, you’re golden. Enjoy living it up! You look adorable!

  7. OK, so I have eaten (single-handedly) probably a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s each week since about week 14 of this pregnancy. I *could* do the whole cake in one sitting, and even still I never seem to gain enough weight…I say a well-balanced diet includes some balanced decadence! Oh, and you look gorgeous

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