Embracing my Inner Granola: Midwives

We’ve decided to switch from an OBGYN to a Midwife. Luckily, my pregnancy has been very routine and smooth so I am a good candidate for midwifery care. My OBGYN is a sweet lady and I have no complaints about her at all. One of the main reasons I decided to switch to a midwife is because my OBGYN most likely wouldn’t have been the one to deliver the baby. She is not on call for her patients because she does rotation at the hospital with 11 other Doctors. Chances are she would not have been there on the day I go into labour. Now that I’ve decided to switch to a midwife, I feel good knowing who will be there when the time comes and it helps me to feel less anxious about the delivery in general.

The other reason I was drawn to midwifery is because my appointments with the OBGYN usually last around 10 minutes and the appointments with the midwives will last about 45 minutes. With the OBGYN, she checks my most recent bloodwork or ultrasound, tells me everything looks good, listens to baby’s heartbeat with the doppler, asks me if I have any questions (I usually don’t) and that’s it. Someone with a busy schedule and no complications with their pregnancy would probably love to be able to use their coffee break to squeeze in their prenatal appointments. For me, I feel excited to have longer appointments with the midwives. I am only going to be pregnant for such a short period of time in my life and I want to fully embrace the process. Somehow I think having a midwife will help me do that.

I emailed the midwives three Sundays ago and their receptionist called me back the following morning to take my basic information. We had an orientation at the hospital last Wednesday with 4 other couples to learn about midwifery as it is offered in our city. There are 5 midwives who work out of the hospital and they were all there to introduce themselves. Β Most of them were nurses or midwives in their home countries and took a bridging program to become licensed in Canada. All of their services are covered by provincial healthcare. They talked about the rules & regulations surrounding who is eligible for care (typical, low-risk pregnancies) and the situations in which they are required to consult with Doctors or transfer care. They also talked about our options to deliver the baby at home or in the hospital.Β Some of the more populous cities in Canada have birth centres but there aren’t any here.

We will be assigned a primary midwife who we will see for most of our prenatal appointments and there will also be second midwife who we are familiar with in case our primary midwife is at another delivery or resting after a delivery when I go into labour. They also get 5 days off a month, so if our midwife is off when I go into labour, we will see the other midwife. Because midwives are able to offer home births, we have the option to labour at home with the midwife as long as we feel comfortable, go to the hospital just to deliver the baby and (if all is well) be discharged 3 or 4 hour after delivery. I love the idea of not having to stay in the hospital for up to 2 days after delivery and be able to go home and rest in my own environment.

We have our first appointment tomorrow and I am excited to see which midwife we will be assigned. They all seemed great at the orientation, so I’m sure we will be happy with whoever it is. All of my files from the OBGYN have already been transferred to the midwives, but I’m sure they will still have a lot of questions. I will write again very soon about how the first day went!

p.s. I updated my bump page – really starting to get thick!

16 thoughts on “Embracing my Inner Granola: Midwives

  1. Wow, I can’t believe that you are more than halfway through your pregnancy already! I’m glad to hear you’ll have a midwife for delivery, it seems so much more personal than the OBGYN visits. I felt a bit like a cow being herded in and out of the office when I was pregnant. You’re in a queue, weigh yourself, pee in a cup, get the heartbeat checked, are asked if you have questions and out you go.
    You look AWESOME by the way! It’s amazing how much that little girl grew in a few weeks!

    • I got weighed and had my blood pressure checked by the nurse, but hadn’t had to pee in a cup yet. I’m sure it’s coming soon… Maybe you will have a midwife for your next baby?

      I know she grew so much! I read online that she will double in size over the next 4 weeks, I think my bump is going to start growing a lot faster now than in the first half of the pregnancy.

      • I think I would look into it, it seems more my style. I’m not sure if I’d be eligible because of my previous c-section, but I’d be planning on a drug-free VBAC regardless. Plus I
        heard midwives help with nursing after too, which would be nicer, and more personal than a lactation consultant I think.

        I seriously can’t wait! It looks like you’ll have a lovely watermelon belly! πŸ™‚

  2. First off, I finally got my act together and found your new blog. So sorry for the delay!

    I think going the midwife route is a great option! There’sa lot of benefits to going this route and many find working with a midwife to be an empowering experience. I hope your first appointment goes well tomorrow!

    • Thank you and I am so glad you found me! I don’t know anyone (in real life) who has had a midwife, but everyone I talk to about my choice has been very supportive and excited for me.

  3. You look great! Wow, everyone else’s pregnancies fly by for me! Ha ha πŸ™‚
    I’m glad you’re “low risk” enough to have a midwife. That was always my choice, but for several reasons, it didn’t work out that way. But, I’m happy with my providers now & where I am.
    Can’t wait to read about your experiences!

    • Thanks πŸ™‚ It’s crazy how everyone else’s pregnancies fly by, I feel the same way!

      As long as you are happy with your care providers, that’s all that matters! πŸ™‚

  4. I have to say, I’m jealous! I had a midwife with Bup, which was great, even though we ended up in a c-section. Of course, now that we are doing a VBAC, I can’t get midwife care. I like OB/GYN, but definitely a similar situation. 10 minute visits, she may or may not deliver us etc. I hope you love your midwife!

  5. One of my requirements when picking my OB was he/she had to be the one to deliver my babies. I was not ok with having the random on-call doctor. We were lucky to find a great doctor who promised he would be the one at delivery (and he was!) and I never felt rushed. In fact, we often had a long wait because he spent so much time with patients. So glad you are going where you are going to get the kind of care you want.

  6. I’m sure you remember when I made that switch as well. And, even though my birth didn’t go as planned, I’m still so glad I made the switch. Because , as you said, the pregnancy is a process. It is a journey to something totally new. I felt supported and cared for in the midwifery model. I will say one thing though…because our birth didn’t go as planned, we ended up spending the two days in the hospital, rather than the 4 to. 6 hours. I really really appreciated the time in the hospital as an adjustment and learning process. But, everyone feels differently about it…

  7. I’m so glad there are different options available to us for our prenatal and delivery care. I can’t imagine going home that quickly after delivery, but it truly is whatever is the most comfortable for you! My OB wasn’t the one on call when I was set to deliver, but she came anyway! I was super impressed that she took the extra time to so that and so very grateful. I thought it was really cool of her. I am so excited for you and how well your pregnancy is going. I hope the delivery is just as smooth!

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