Baby Names

Now that we know we are having a girl, we need to decide on a name! We want to have a few names picked out and then decide once we see the baby. Our requirements for the name are:

1) Sound good in English & Spanish

2) Not appear on the recent top 100 lists

3) Not be a name that usually goes by a nickname

And of course we have to agree on the name. As of right now, we don’t have a single girl name! We had a few boy names that fulfilled our requirements, but all the girl names we like appear on the top 100! (well our names are slight variations of names in the top 100)

Top 100 baby names of 2012

Top 100 baby names of 2013

I suppose everyone is trying to choose a unique name and go with names that were not common in our day, but have become common now. Like Aaliyah. So many people my age loved the singer and I know 3 baby Aaliyahs. (#89 in 2012)

Some people have had their baby names picked out for years and are just waiting to use them. Other people are like me and trying to decide a few months before baby. How about you? Do you have names picked out for your future little ones? Did you decide last minute like me? What kind of requirements do you have for baby names?


23 thoughts on “Baby Names

    • We had a HARD time coming up with names for our triplets, but when it wasn’t “down to the wire” we had fun playing the alphabet game. The rules: go through the alphabet saying one name you don’t dislike for each letter! Good luck! (The names we finally decided on? Avery, Elizabeth (Ellie), and Isaiah)

  1. We’ve had a girl name picked out for about two years now, but I keep throwing out new names just to see if we like any of them. Boy names are harder for us, so we have a running list (of two right now…) on a white board in our kitchen that we add/subtract to periodically. I think once we find out the sex of the baby, then we’ll really focus on finding a name.

    I’m like you, I want a name that’s not in the top 100 list, but not so crazy that my child will spend their whole lives pronouncing and spelling their names as I did. It’s surprisingly harder than I thought to do! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your baby girl!

  2. Well, as you know, I don’t have mine completely picked out so I’m probably not much help! I liked to look for name ideas. The ones I chose though, are really just ones I already had in mind & liked.
    My rules were just that it wasn’t too popular (preferably no top 100 names), it flows with our middle name choice and our last name, we don’t know any other babies/small children with the name, and it’s not a name too closely tied to a celebrity or something like that (e.g. Suri, Apple, and Adele are out!).
    Good luck! I’m sure you’ll come up with something perfect.

    • Well you are ahead of me because at least you have a middle name picked out! We tossed around some unisex names last night and although we really liked a few, like you we worried if baby girl would mind having a name that is more commonly used by boys… What a hard decision!

  3. Definitely like names that are not super popular. I really like nicknames so we are making sure our name offers a good second choice should they want one. Our girl name is set. In fact we have Two perfect girl names each with a perfect middle name to go with them. Boy names are our down fall. We got nothin. Well, close to nothing. I just dont love our boy names. I’m sure that means we ate having a boy and we will stress about the name until well after he’s born! 😦

  4. I smiled about “needs to sound good in English and Spanish.” I can’t wait to hear what you come up with. In answer to your question…we did have our names picked out for years. Which is odd, cus we’re not really “that couple.” We had one boy and one girl name. Not sure what we’ll do if we have another boy. 😉

  5. How fun! I can’t wait to be picking out names – we have a long list that we’ve added to for years but sonetimes I wonder if we’d actually end up with something completely different , once it’s all real

  6. We found it so difficult to pick out a name, we had a huge list for a while! Finding out the sex would have made it a bit easier, but it’s still really challenging! We liked the older names better, we tried to choose based on the sounds of the names, and the meanings. The origin made a bit of an influence as well. I have a book you can borrow called Bring Back Beatrice, we liked that one the best. In the end we were forced to make a decision, and we said ‘well they’re not really stuck with the name they can always change it if they think it sucks’ that also made it easier to pick a name out! 🙂 Good luck!

    • We want a name with a pretty meaning, and the origin also plays an influence. I definitely want something unique and I am not against a unisex name for baby. (My name is unisex with different spelling and it’s never bothered me). I hope we come up with something so we can sit with it for a few months before she’s here so we know we really love it.

      Your baby name would have been on our list had you not chosen it! We love it! 🙂

  7. I have always loved old fashioned names – like seriously old fashioned: old man, old lady names. So, when I found out we were having a boy, my favorite old man name turned out to have been steadily rising in the charts. It’s in the top 50. My husband and I decided that we loved the name more than we put weight in the charts. Our name was fairly popular 100 years ago, too. At any rate, people name their kids such varied and creative names now that unless you’re in the top 10 or so (Jackson, Olivia, I’m looking at you), you’re unlikely to have several of the same name in a class.
    Ethnic flexibility was important to me as well as I’m half Latina. Our name has a direct correlary in Spanish 🙂
    Long story short, if you gravitate towards a name that doesn’t quite fit one of your rules, don’t sweat it. It’s so much more important that you LOVE the name and the image it creates in your hearts and heads.

  8. We are weird too and had our girl name picked out for ten years (TEN YEARS!) but the boy name just kind of occurred to us a few years ago. So that one is “newer.” We never agree on anything, so I don’t know what the heck we’re gonna do if we have more kids. It was a fluke that we came up with these two at all (though we are arguing over middle names, so don’t worry).

    Good luck! I’m sure you’ll pick a good one.

  9. I just stumbled across your blog today. 🙂 Congratulations on your pregnancy! I’ve been sort of racking my brain on baby names you might like… and I could only come up with a couple. These are actually the names of some of my friends. I don’t know if they will fit your criteria but it’s worth mentioning them, I suppose! 🙂

    Sasha (or, as my Puerto Rican friend spells her name, “Zacha.” It sounds just like “Sasha.”)
    Rene or Renee

    I don’t think either of those really have nicknames and I don’t think either of them are in those top 100 lists (unless I missed them). Hope you can find a few good names that you both like that you can choose from! 🙂

  10. Picking out names is so challenging! I didn’t want popular names either, but we had our boy name picked out for quite awhile and it just happened to get more and more popular. We couldn’t come up with another name we liked so we stuck with it. Funny thing about our girl name, we actually were trying to find a unisex name! Or at least one with a possible boy/unisex nickname (e.g. Samantha – Sam). Just keep coming up with names and you will eventually settle on one that you both like. It felt like it took us forever to come up with hem, but we actually had our names picked out fairly early.

    • I really like unisex names for girls. I was a little on the fence about them at first (despite the fact that my own name is unisex) but now I really like them.

      I guess time will tell what we come up with!

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